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Join in on the Fuka fun~
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~Hi Everyone!!~

Hima Welcome by Fucal by xMaikoWolfx
Devan / 17 years old / Pansexual (Single~)
~OC: Satomi Icon Again~ by xMaikoWolfx~OC: Emma icon~ by xMaikoWolfx~OC: Mazal Icon~ by xMaikoWolfx~OC: Diana Icon~ by xMaikoWolfx
~OC: Ponleu Icon~ by xMaikoWolfx~OC: Rudy Icon~ by xMaikoWolfx~OC: Hima Icon~ by xMaikoWolfx~OC: Koji Icon~ by xMaikoWolfx
Hey there! My name is Devan (feel free to call me Maiko or Dev) and I love to draw and rp!
[GIFT] Satomi by Tsukinoshinchu:PC: Emma by Tsukinoshinchu
:star:Commission Information:star:
Commissions are currently OPEN! Go here for my prices please~…
Heart Border [Black/White] by RevPixy
~*OC x Canon* PearlOnyx???~ by xMaikoWolfx
Heart Border [Black/White] by RevPixy

~Army of the Icons~

Foxfan: Hima by iEmmeHima Commission by CrystalTrees(GIFT) onnomnom Hima by SerahMajereCom: Foxfan icon by EemsArtHima - Gift by FucalFoxfan Hima by Miizue
Diana Icon~ by xMaikoWolfxKoji By Vaitael by xMaikoWolfx~Koji icon~ by xMaikoWolfx.:AT:. Ponleu Pixel Icon by TrilliummPonleu By Rayfierying by xMaikoWolfxYCH soulfox icon for xMaikoWolfx by StanHoneyThief
Weaver Icon :  xMaikoWolfx by EemsArtEmma Weaver by Lukia26:AT with xMaikoWolfx: by akaiiyoEmma Icon by OnionGrumpEmma icon~ by xMaikoWolfxEmma By Lord Starryface by xMaikoWolfx
Weaver Icon Satomi by EemsArt1 by BabySundancePainted Glass by CometShineSatomi By Lord Starryface by xMaikoWolfx.:AT:. Satomi Pixel Icon by Trilliumm


Weaver by Simonetry by xMaikoWolfx
Nothing = Hasn't started yet!
In Progress! = :pokeball:
DONE! = :pokeball::pokeball:

:star: Foxfan YCH for Belliko-art :pokeball::pokeball:
All clear for now yay!!

~My dA Faves~

Hima by Papinella

:heart:My Lovelies:heart:
Tiny Garnet Pixel (F2U) by ToppolainTiny Pixel Amethyst (F2U) by ToppolainTiny Pixel Pearl (F2U) by ToppolainTiny Rose Quartz Pixel (F2U) by ToppolainTiny Pixel Steven by Toppolain
:star:Artists I Adore:star:

~My Lovely Bird Wife~


~Emma the Weaver~

Weaver by xMaikoWolfx
Meet Emma! My gorgeous Weaver babe~
Emma is elegant and ladylike, and is always the mature one in the group. She is compassionate, understanding, and a very hard worker!
~OC: Emma Sprite~ by xMaikoWolfx~OC: Emma Sprite~ by xMaikoWolfx~OC: Emma Sprite~ by xMaikoWolfx
She is a great speaker as well, delivering her thoughts in a kind and articulate manor.
Emma by Papinella
Want to know more about Emma? Visit her reference sheet!:…
Weavers are a closed species (c) bananamantis

~Satomi the Weaver~

Satomi~ by xMaikoWolfx

Meet Satomi! My other lovely Weaver babe~
Satomi is somewhat of a "stubborn mule" at times, but she can be friendly when acting on her own terms.
~OC: Satomi Sprite~ by xMaikoWolfx~OC: Satomi Sprite~ by xMaikoWolfx~OC: Satomi Sprite~ by xMaikoWolfx
She can be judgmental of others, but does this out of her own insecurities. She is secretly a "hopeless romantic" but she would never tell anyone that!

6 By Viiiian by xMaikoWolfx

Want to know more about Satomi? Visit her reference sheet!:…
Weavers are a closed species (c) bananamantis

~Hima the Foxfan~

Sunflower Foxfan for xmaikowolfx by Belliko-art
Meet Hima! My beautiful Foxfan babe~
Her full name is Himawari meaning "sunflower" in Japanese, however, on most occasions she prefers just being called Hima.
Hima Handfan Pixel by xMaikoWolfxHima Handfan Pixel by xMaikoWolfxHima Handfan Pixel by xMaikoWolfx
She can be soft spoken and shy at times, but once she warms up to you she's as sweet as pie. She's very loyal to and protective of those she cares for as well.
Sunflower2 by xMaikoWolfx

Want to know more about Hima? Visit her reference sheet!:…
Foxfans are a closed species (c) Belliko-art


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